Twitter Spark

Twitter Spark brings publishers a collaborative, in-person experience designed to help you make the most of Twitter.

Publishers are a major reason why Twitter is the place people turn to find out what’s happening. They turn to you for the news you report, the perspectives you share, or simply because what you do or say is news. With massive followings and uniquely compelling content, you have a unique ability to convene conversations on the platform and elevate the Twitter experience for the rest of us. With Twitter Spark, we want to introduce you to the tools we built to support publishers, and inspire you with best practices from your peers on Twitter.

Spark sessions are publisher-focused workshops that include product updates, best practices, and opportunities for networking. We offer technical how-tos on publishing tools like Media Studio and monetization programs like In-Stream Video Sponsorships and Ads, as well as high-level creative tips for essential skills, like developing a strong account voice.

These meetups unite Twitter’s partnerships and product teams with the publisher community, so together we can grow the impact of your activity on the platform. Join us at a Twitter Spark event near you.

What you can expect during a Twitter Spark event or 1x1 session:

  • Inspiration

    A showcase of the most innovative and engaging ways publishers are using Twitter to distinguish themselves.

  • Education

    Get to know the full array of publisher products and master Twitter’s best practices and product how-tos.

  • Collaboration

    Participate in one of our industry-specific seminars to learn from peers and expand your network within the industry.

Twitter Spark makes it easy to keep up with everything we’re doing at Twitter to support publishers.