Twitter VIT FAQs

Find the answers to all your Twitter VIT questions with our FAQs. 

Can I use more than one hashtag for my Q&A?

You can include as many hashtags as you want. However, if you plan to use the announcement Tweet feature (Conversational Card), only the first four hashtags you input will get included in the Conversational Card. Conversational Cards only support a maximum of four hashtags.


I added a hashtag and text to announce my Q&A. How come I can’t hit “Next”?

The Q&A announcement Tweet uses a Conversational Card, which requires a video or photo. To create an announcement Tweet you must include media. If you want to skip this, toggle on the “Skip Announcement Tweet” option.


Why am I getting an error message after adding my hashtag?

Due to limitations on Conversational Cards, hashtags must be no longer than 21 characters. If your hashtag must be longer than 21 characters you can follow these steps as a workaround:
Announce the Q&A from the Twitter app using a normal Tweet
Then use the VIT app and skip the announcement Tweet in the Q&A setup


Can I skip the announcement Tweet and still add a curator to my Q&A?

You can add a curator once you are in the Q&A session. After entering the session, select the gear (settings) icon from the top nav bar and enter in the @handle for your curator.


I recorded a video response to a question and reviewed it in the preview screen, but when I hit “Tweet” the app crashed.

This can happen for a couple reasons including:
Using VIT on an iPad
Poor Wi-Fi connection
Longer videos
Use of the filters

Specifically with an iPad, because the device’s processor is not as advanced as an iPhone, it may force quit the VIT app to preserve space for other apps that may be running. The possibility of this happening increases when there is poor Wi-Fi, a long video, or the partner has used a filter — all of which slow down the video upload time and cause the device to force quit the app. Try connecting to the Wi-Fi or reduce the video response time to 30 seconds.

Note that all video responses are recorded to your phone’s camera roll, whether you were able to Tweet the video or not. So you will not lose your valuable content. Simply reopen the app, resume your Q&A session, and upload the video response from your camera library.


What are the video specs?

For Q&A announcement Tweet:
Resolution: 1280x720
Aspect ratio: 16:9

For Q&A replies:
Resolution: 1080x1080
Aspect ratio: 1:1

For Hype:
File Type: .mp4 or .mov
*does not exceed 1GB


I get an error message when I try publishing a Hype Tweet, what should I do?

Hype, or Video Website Cards, have a few limitations. Please check the following:
Tweet copy is 280 characters
The call to action (aka Headline under video) is 70 characters (< 50 recommended)
If uploading a video from your library, confirm the file type is .mp4 or .mov
Try adding http:// or https:// to the URL (not necessary to include, but might do the trick!)
Confirm your video or image is 1GB max
GIFs are not supported


I don’t see an option to turn on monetization.

The option to turn on monetization will only appear after you have uploaded a video to your Tweet or if you are whitelisted for IVA or IVS.


I don’t see the option to opt into In-Stream Video Ads or In-Stream Video Sponsorships.

Your @handle must be whitelisted for In-Stream Video Ads and Sponsorships to be able to opt your content from VIT into that specific program. Contact your Twitter rep to see if you’re eligible to join the program.


What type of content can I monetize?

You are only allowed to monetize video content.