New brand safety feature for In-Stream Video Ads Publishers

2 min Product

The Amplify Publisher Program was created to make it easy for publishers to monetize video on Twitter and offer a turnkey solution for advertisers to align with brand-safe content.

Over the past year we’ve invested in educating publishers about our Safe for Ads Guidelines and building tools that help foster a brand-safe environment. Through conversations with our partners, we understand the importance of brand safety transparency and the need for accessible, actionable information on policy violations in order to learn what is brand safe for Twitter monetization.

Based on direct partner feedback, we’re announcing a new feature, available within Media Studio, for increased partner transparency and consolidated tooling.

The new Brand Safety Review page will allow publishers to view which of their videos have been deemed ineligible for monetization, while providing a formalized request for review process when a publisher has been given a strike for violating the brand safety guidelines. Each video will state why we deemed it in violation of our guidelines so publishers can understand what to keep in mind for future videos. If a publisher submits an appeal, we’ll provide a status update every step of the way.

We’re also making it easier for teams to work together on brand safety by adding email notifications for team members about any content we’ve taken action on. This will allow everyone on the team to remain up to date with the status of their monetized videos on Twitter.

These updates are a crucial step as we continue to build a trusting and transparent relationship with our publishers, while empowering them with the information their teams need to succeed in monetizing their content on Twitter.