User Roles

User Roles

To help partners manage their publishing activity more effectively and more securely, Twitter allows for different levels of access to individuals affiliated with a partner Twitter handle. Multiple users can be given access to a Media Studio account. Each user will log in with their own username and password, and will be able to access the Media Studio accounts to which they have been granted access.

Using User Roles in Media Studio can reduce risk of malicious or erroneous mishaps with your accounts by granting access without sharing any passwords. When a user changes their job or leaves the organization, their access can easily be modified or removed altogether.


Managing Users

You can add multiple users within your organization’s account, using their own Twitter username to perform actions as if they were logged into the organization’s account username. 

Permission-levels include:



This role has full access to the account and can do everything the account owner can. There can be more than one Administrator for a given account.


This role can act on behalf of the account including Tweeting, uploading, and editing of media. The role cannot change account settings or add additional users.


This role cannot perform any actions on behalf of the account, but can use media from the Library for their own personal account.


This role can only upload content and create new video clips using LiveCut, and cannot Tweet or perform any other actions within the account.


This role has access to Analytics. They also have view-only access to the Library and Producer to access and review video level analytics.

How to add additional people to your Media Studio account:

How to modify permissions in your Media Studio account:

How to add/remove people from your Media Studio account:


Switching Accounts

If you have been granted access to multiple accounts within Media Studio, you can easily switch between them at any time.

How to switch between multiple Media Studio accounts:


Business Manager

Utilize Twitter Business Manager when your organization needs to manage users across multiple Twitter usernames. Rather than logging into each account individually to add and remove users, use Business Manager to make permission and roles changes in bulk.

You must be onboarded for Business Manager to follow the instructions below. Please reach out to your Twitter account manager for more information.

How to add, modify, or remove users with Business Manager:

How to bulk add users for multiple accounts with Business Manager: