Going live with Media Studio

Producer in Media Studio allows live video content creators to easily create high-quality broadcasts from external sources including streaming software, hardware encoders, and professional cameras.

These broadcasts are viewable from Twitter and Periscope on iOS and Android, and on desktop.

Past broadcasts, regardless of how they were created, are also viewable directly within Producer. If you linked your Periscope information to your Twitter account, you will be able to view the library of all broadcasts made from the various apps, Periscope Producer, or the API. For details on monetizing broadcasts and analytics, visit the Monetization and Analytics tabs above.



It’s important to understand some new terms in order to get the best out of your experience with Producer in Media Studio.

Video Sources: The means of ingesting live video via RTMP into Producer.


A source needs to be created before you are able to ingest video and broadcast live on Twitter. There is no limit to the number of sources that can be created, but we recommend reusing one or more sources in your account to simplify your broadcasting experience.

Sources are shared across Periscope Producer and Producer in Media Studio. If you have previously created a source within Periscope Producer, you may see it within your Media Studio source list.

(If you’re a SnappyTV user, think of the source as a Channel.)

Broadcast: The live video entity on Twitter or Periscope.


Broadcasts are how most people on Twitter will be viewing your live video. Follow all instructions below on creating a source and pushing video to your source, in order to successfully go live to Twitter with your broadcast. 

Don’t forget to ensure you are first viewing Producer by clicking on the Producer button within the top navigation bar.


Video Sources

How to create a video source:

Note: If you have previously used Periscope Producer, you may already see sources listed in this view. Any source that was created via Periscope Producer or Producer in Media Studio will appear in both tools.

How to publish video to a source:

Note: In order to have the best experience using Producer, use these recommended stream specifications.




How to create a broadcast:

Open Content Restrictions to toggle any of these features:


  • Disable broadcast replay

    Enabling this feature makes the broadcast disabled, or unviewable, once the live broadcast is over.
  • Geo-restrictions

    Enable this feature to restrict the viewing of the broadcast to the countries you specify (can be enabled by either including or excluding a set of countries).
    • Include
    • Exclude


Tip: Link your Twitter account with Periscope to ensure that your Periscope audience gets notified when you go live. If you do not link your accounts, the broadcast will only be visible to people on Twitter.


How to end a broadcast:


Live Video Specifications

Recommended stream specifications

Please follow the stream specifications recommendation below for the best Producer experience.

Please note: The list of supported encoders and services is not exhaustive and is subject to change.


Video codec and bitrate
H.264 2,500 kbps (recommended)
4,000 kbps (maximum)

Audio codec and bitrate


128 kbps

Resolution and frame rate

30 fps

Keyframe interval

Every three seconds (OBS)
Every 90 frames (Wirecast)

Supported encoders and services