Brand Safety

Brand Safety


What is the Brand Safety Review tab?

The Brand Safety Review tab is where you can view violations of our Safe for Ads Content Guidelines. In the tab you will be able to view the violation (and whether it is a demonetization or a strike) along with the reason for the violation.

Is my content subject to Brand Safety review?

Only the content monetized through Amplify Pre-roll program is subject to Brand Safety review.

What’s the difference between strikes and demonetizations?

Strikes are issued for more severe violations of the Safe for Ads Content Guidelines and could carry a penalty while demonetizations carry no penalty and are issued for content that might be unsuitable for some advertisers. Please refer to the Brand Safety Review tab for more information.

Can I appeal strikes?

Yes, you can appeal strikes directly in the Brand Safety Review tab under Strikes > Request Review. Once clicked, a pop-up box will appear where you will be asked to give details into why you are requesting review of a strike. Once submitted, please give our team at least a week to review.

Can I appeal demonetizations?

Currently, no. However if you are noticing a trend of demonetizations and would like more information, please contact your partner manager.