Use lists to gain followers for entertainment

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Use lists to increase followers across your properties and talent.

By curating a group of related Twitter accounts into a Twitter list, you can increase visibility and gain followers for TV networks, filmmakers, musicians, and other entertainers. Combined with the Website Card, lists provide fans with an easy way to consume Tweets they care about. Learn the best ways to use lists in this how-to article.

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Use Twitter lists to introduce fans to show accounts, talent, and content.

TV networks can use Twitter lists to surface new show accounts or gain new followers for existing shows during premiere season. If cast members are also part of the marketing strategy, lists can be used to help grow their followings as well.

Another great way TV networks can utilize lists is to augment a live Tweeting strategy by automatically curating related Tweets into a single consumption experience. This can be easily achieved by linking to the Tweets view under your Twitter list, which creates a single timeline of Tweets from every member on the list.


Use Twitter lists to augment your promotional strategy and maximize buzz.

If you are launching a new handle or embarking on a promotional tour for a film, Twitter lists can be a great way to give fans an insider view of behind-the-scenes and exclusive content. Use lists to give them an easy way to follow relevant cast and crew with just a few taps. Or, point them toward the list’s Tweets view to experience a film premiere or promo tour from all angles.


Use Twitter lists to gain followers and give fans a front-row seat for your band’s tour.

When your band is about to hit the road, Twitter lists can be the best way to ensure fans are following all band members and other related accounts. Simply direct them to the “members” tab of your curated Twitter list, where they can quickly follow all of the band members with just a few taps.  

You can also use the list’s Tweets timeline to give fans a simple way to check in on the band’s latest happenings. Get maximum exposure for exclusive #OnlyOnTwitter content, sneak peeks, or behind-the-scenes content.