Creator feature: Melissa Eckman

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Health and fitness blogger Melissa Eckman creates content to inspire, teach, and spread positivity, encouraging others to pursue the healthiest and happiest possible life.

Melissa strives to create content she knows will be useful and uplifting to her community. Whether she’s correcting form in a yoga pose, sharing healthy habits, or telling stories, Melissa is passionate about making an impact on her audience’s lives. By sharing videos, photos, and knowledge, she aims to make her Twitter timeline a positive and healthy place.

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Introducing Melissa Eckman

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By adding ‘before’ and ‘after’ text to her photos, Melissa identifies the right and wrong ways to assume a yoga position.
Melissa Eckman
“I am obsessed with Twitter because you can connect with like-minded positive people, share amazing content in real time, and it is hands-down my favorite app to use to stay up to date on current events. I look forward to checking my Twitter feed everyday!”

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“My favorite type of content to create is content that people can take off of social media and use in their everyday lives! I love creating fitness videos, yoga tips, recipes, and sharing about my journey in hopes to inspire others.”
Melissa Eckman