Creator Feature: Alex Tan

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Alex’s work takes the ordinary to the very edge with images that combine the familiar and the strange.

Introducing Alex Tan

Alex (@jalexandertan ) is an art director and photographer based in Los Angeles. Using Twitter allows him to share his work with a large network of other creators; it’s even helped him to make real-life friends.

Show off multiple photos by using threading and gallery photo Tweets.

Both of these Tweet methods let you share more than one image or photo. This is a great way to recap an event or show a progression in the day.

Share an upcoming event with your followers.

Include the event information and links for purchasing tickets within your Tweet. Have a promotional image or photo? Even better!

Share photos you shot or art directed with your community.

Further a photo’s reach by Tweeting the images.
“One of my favorite parts of creating is doing it with a team. Over the past few years I've learned how much better the final product can be when you have a lot of hands working on it & people bouncing ideas off of each other. People are better & stronger together.”

Tweet photos that your friends took of you.

Make sure to tag them or share photo credits.
“I love using images to create the unordinary. Using wild colors, emotions, and movement with the subject of the image is really important to me. I've had people call me a conceptual portrait photographer in the past. I think it has a nice ring to it.”