How to bring your #SportsTwitter video game to the next level

How to bring your #SportsTwitter video game to the next level

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Enliven your team’s account with videos.

Videos bring Twitter accounts to life and fans closer to the action. With a nearly unlimited library of content to choose from, teams can use video to grow their followers and increase engagement. Here are some best practices for sports organizations that want to create standout videos.

Keep your videos short.

The Twitter feed moves fast, but people’s attention spans move faster. You’ll have greater success attracting and maintaining viewers by Tweeting short, fast-paced videos.


Short videos can be used to pump up your team’s training routine, offer fans an inside look at practice drills or offer closure at the end of an emotional season. 


No matter your video's intent, boiling it down to the essentials and keeping your message concise will help maintain your audience's attention.

The visuals are the message.

The Twitter experience is primarily visual. While soundtracks are important for successful Twitter clips, vibrant, eye-catching visuals should be your top priority.

Whether you’re counting down the days until the new season, generating same-day excitement for a crucial tournament game, or using your team’s catchphrases in creative ways, appealing visuals are the key to creating viral video.

Go long and live.

Add variety to your video game by mixing short edited clips with live coverage of events as they happen. Whether covering a big match or providing post-game analysis, live-streaming can be a vital component of your #SportsTwitter lineup.


There are a multitude of ways to go live. You  can stream a retiring star’s final press conference, invite fans to join you on the sidelines as the team practices before a big game, or bring followers inside otherwise exclusive events.

Use relevant and timely humor.

Sports fans flock to Twitter to get the latest news about their favorite teams, but they also come to be entertained. Teams that address what’s happening now in the world of sports in a creative and fun way will be the big winners.

Boost engagement by including polls or Cards.

Interactive features like Twitter Polls or conversational Cards are an easy way to increase viewer engagement.


Twitter Polls let you ask fans anything from what they thought of a particular play to their opinions on the team’s latest draft picks. conversational Cards let followers Tweet directly in response to your video, adding to the conversation and encouraging others to do the same.


Both are great ways to get fans just as invested in your Twitter feed as they are in the outcome of each game. Click through to see examples from @Vol_Football, @KUHoops, and @NovaMBB.