Auto-reply campaigns

Auto-reply campaigns

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Connect with your followers in real time with a custom-created auto-reply campaign.

Engage in conversation with your followers with auto-reply campaigns – a turnkey solution to deliver memorable, real-time interactions on Twitter. The flexible format allows you to interact with audiences who have opted into your campaign and offer an innovative way to connect more deeply with your audience.

  • Flexibility

    Use any of Twitter’s engagement features to encourage user opt-ins to your auto-reply campaign.

  • Sponsorships

    Sponsor a campaign by creating a branded experience that seamlessly integrates advertisers.

Features & Functionality

Like or Retweet To Reward

To drives anticipation and engagement, encourage your audience to Like or Retweet to opt-in. In return, Twitter users receive exclusive content from the publisher.


Tune-in reminders

Have users subscribe to weekly tune-in reminders via hashtags, Retweets, or likes. If you are running a live event on Twitter, we can send the user directly into the viewing experience.

Emoji engine

Use Twitter emojis to power unique auto-reply content. Each emoji can be associated with its own custom content, allowing for a fun, playful conversation.

  • 01

    Brainstorm with Twitter to develop an auto-reply campaign.

  • 02

    Co-create the campaign with Twitter’s product specialists.

  • 03

    Audiences reply, like or Retweet your Tweet to opt in to the campaign.