Creator Originals

Creator Originals

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Twitter launches Creator Originals to support monetization of high-production video content.

Niche is the creator-first platform that provides creators with the ability to grow, optimize, and monetize their social presence across all networks. Creators on Niche now have a new opportunity to monetize their original content on Twitter through the Creator Originals program.

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How it works.

Niche works with you to help make your original content vision a reality. Niche provides guidance from our team of seasoned content experts to help you develop authentic and resonating series on the platform.

Monetize with us.

Niche works with you to monetize your original content on Twitter by pairing you with industry-leading brands through in-stream ad placement via a revenue split.

Grow your audience.

All sponsorships run on promoted media. This exposes you to an entirely new audience, bringing more publicity to your Twitter handle.

We’re just getting started...

We are piloting the program with series that were selected based on brand safety and production value of existing content.

Over the next few months, we’ll be engaging with creators and piloting new series as we determine the industry demand for specific content types.