Winning Moments in sports

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The key elements of great sports Moments

A good sports story idea can include:

  • The key turning point or defining moment of the game, such as a specific play or incident
  • Athletes using the platform to connect with competitors or fans, engage with news or politics, or do something fans can relate to
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Big names, unusual circumstances or highlights, emotional or funny breakouts


The best media to use for sports Moments may include:

  • Tweets generated by athletes, leagues, or teams themselves
  • Reaction, commentary, and analysis from experts and fans
  • Native content taken directly from the source, whether highlights, fan reaction, or behind-the-scenes action
  • Short video clips from the copyright holder that are available in all the markets you plan to target
  • Fan reaction videos and GIFs; the shorter the better


A good sports Moment:

  • Speaks the language of die-hard fans but also makes sense to more casual observers 
  • Provides context for obscure references and clarification depending on region
  • Makes sporting events accessible to a wider audience, for example, through memes or hilarious commentary 
  • Features the key play or event on the cover as well as early in the Moment


Good sports Moments titles, descriptions, and covers:

  • Highlight the key athlete or play
  • Present the most relevant details clearly and concisely, whether that’s the team, the athlete, or incident
  • Reflect the tone of the Moment, whether it’s news, highlights, a humorous incident, or something fans can relate to