Use Twitter lists to gain followers for news

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Use Twitter lists to increase followers for news broadcasters and newsrooms.

By curating a group of related Twitter accounts into a list, you can increase visibility and gain followers for TV anchors, reporters, analysts, and other journalists. Combined with the Website Card, Twitter lists provide fans with an easy way to consume Tweets they care about. Learn the best ways to use lists in this how-to article. 

To learn more about how to use Twitter lists and Website Cards to grow follower counts, check out this article.

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News broadcasters:

Use Twitter lists to introduce fans to secondary accounts, show talent, and content.

News broadcasters can use lists to surface new show accounts or gain new followers for existing shows. If anchors, reporters, and analysts are also part of the marketing strategy, lists can be used to grow followings for them as well.  


Another great way news broadcasters can utilize lists is to give fans access to Tweets across their universe of Twitter accounts in a single consumption experience. This can be easily achieved by linking to the Tweets view under your Twitter list, which creates a single timeline of Tweets from every member on the list.


Use lists to introduce fans to related accounts, reporters, editors, and other staff.

Newsrooms can use lists to grow followers for related accounts and staff journalists. Create Twitter lists containing desired accounts and then share with followers using a Website Card. This will give followers one-tap access to find and follow accounts relevant to their interests.

Lists can also be used to combine Tweets from multiple accounts into a single consumption experience. You can achieve this easily by linking to the Tweets view under your Twitter list, which displays all Tweets by fans on the list into a single, easy-to-consume timeline. It can also be used as part of special events coverage, for example, election night or breaking news coverage.