How to promote any music project from album release to award show appearance

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Twitter is where music and social media meet.

Creating and recording music is a modern art form, and so is promoting your songs, albums, and videos on Twitter. The following tips and tricks will ensure that your work reaches the widest possible audience.

The research doesn’t lie: Nine out of every 10 music lovers on Twitter streams music online. They’re 35% more likely to discover new music and 34% more likely to make music recommendations to their friends. They’re influencers on a grand scale and they use Twitter to do it, helping turn Retweets into listens.

Tantalize your fans.

Start by teasing your followers with a brief snippet of a song lyric, title, or album art. Tweeting different samples over a period of days or weeks helps ensure more followers will see and share it.

Announce your new single.

When you’ve got fresh tracks about to drop, make sure your fans know it by Tweeting the release date, cover art, or video.

Reveal your next album.

If you’ve done a good job promoting your new singles, you can build on that momentum by revealing the name of the upcoming album where fans can find them. Be sure to include relevant hashtags with every Tweet and encourage fans to Retweet.

Unveil your album art.

Nothing helps pique fan interest quite like provocative or controversial cover art. Build anticipation by sharing the images with fans.

Lay out your tracks.

Now that your fans know you’re about to drop a new release, they want to know what to expect. Satisfy their curiosity by Tweeting out the tracklist.


Preview your videos.

Make the rounds.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork for your new tracks on Twitter, it’s time to make the rounds of late-night TV, press, radio, and award shows. Be sure to promote each appearance on Twitter so your fans don’t miss a beat.

Release the album.

It’s finally time to let fans enjoy your new album. Make the most of it by promoting it to your Twitter followers. (And don’t forget those hashtags.)

Publicize special appearances.

Working on a surprise collaboration with another artist? Use Twitter to share the excitement with both of your fan bases.

Announce your upcoming tour.

Now that your fans have heard your music and watched the videos, they’re hungry to see you perform live. It’s a good idea to start promoting your next tour six months before it kicks off so followers can get in on the presales action.

Give tickets away.

Of course you want to sell as many tickets as possible. But using Twitter to give some away, especially for sold-out or highly coveted events, helps to both promote your show and foster goodwill with your most dedicated fans.

Keep fans in the loop.

Things change all the time. Keep fans updated when you release new songs, add more tour dates, or connect with musical colleagues on stage.

Invite fans to rehearsals.

Updating followers on your creative process is a great way to keep them engaged as they wait for your tour to arrive in their town.

Kick off the tour.

It’s finally time for the lights to go on and the smoke machines to start billowing. Share the moment with your Twitter posse.

Share your shows.

Posting visuals from each show gives ticket holders a taste of what’s to come, while helping other fans experience some of the excitement.

End with a bang.

All good things must end. When the last show is finally over, thank your fans and your crew by sharing intimate backstage photos from your tour.

Hit the red carpet.

All that’s left now is to pick up your golden statuette at one of the music award shows — and, of course, share the good news and great performances on Twitter.