Great Moments in entertainment

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The different kinds of entertainment Moments

A good entertainment story idea can include:

  • Celebrity news, such as new trailer releases or casting announcements
  • Entertainers engaging their fanbase, using their voices to spotlight social issues, or doing things ordinary fans can relate to
  • “Only on Twitter” conversations about a film or series, or funny memes
  • Reactions from fans and people directly affected by the story, whether from long-running fandom or a personal connection to what’s being discussed 
  • A diverse array of people and topics, including celebrities with a huge social media presence, such as YouTube stars and breakout actors and musicians


The best Tweets included in entertainment Moments:

  • Come from the key players
  • Are highly engaged with interesting replies
  • Offer a variety of media, including native video
  • Respect privacy and copyright


A good entertainment Moment:

  • Shares diverse reactions and views from the key players, fans, and critics
  • Respects the fans and warns them if there are spoilers ahead 
  • Speaks in the language of the fans but doesn’t alienate those who are new to the topic
  • Never includes personal attacks


Good entertainment Moments titles, descriptions, and covers are:

  • Creative and conversational
  • Free from spoilers
  • An engaging summary of keywords that explain the story and share interesting details or reactions