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A recap of Twitter’s annual #SportsSummit, where we host teams to discuss tools and tips to help them own the conversation before, during, and after the game.

Following the #SportsSummit18 in July 2018, the @TwitterSports team has compiled this one-stop shop for you to review the ways we help teams maximize their reach and engagement on Twitter. Below you will find tips, how-tos, best practices, and examples from teams across the country.

If this is your first time on the Twitter Media site, be sure to check back often for updates on the latest products, features, and best practices.

Video best practices

The world of sports offers plenty of opportunities for quality Twitter video content. We’ve compiled some best practices for team accounts that want to create standout videos.


In-Stream Video Ads

Using In-Stream Video Ads is the easiest way to monetize your video on Twitter. Once you opt a video into the program, we automatically pair it with relevant pre-roll from advertisers using the tags you’ve identified. It’s an easy and effective way to drive additional revenue.

Media Studio

Media Studio is a one-stop content hub for your entire organization’s Twitter activity, whether you have one account or 50. Upload, organize, share, and monetize your content directly from Media Studio.


Go live

Share your stories as they unfold with live video on Twitter. Whether you’re broadcasting live from the studio, the locker room, or the sidelines, Twitter offers easy-to-use tools to share what’s happening.


Tell a story by curating your best Tweets about a single topic and share them with a single link. Moments can help extend the shelf life of the fantastic content you’ve already produced.


Interactive Tweets

Go beyond text, images, and video with our interactive Tweet formats:

Media Forward Polls
Launch a poll for your followers, along with an eye-catching image or video.

Conversational Video Cards
Encourage fans to participate in the discussion with interactive Conversational Cards that make it easy to Tweet your hashtag.

Tweet to Unlock
Share exclusive content with your fans once a Tweet reaches a certain amount of likes or shares.