Twitter Basics

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Get to know Twitter and what you can do with it.

Twitter is where people go to find out what’s happening in the world right now. Whether you’re interested in music, sports, politics, news, celebrities, or every day moments, come to Twitter to see what people are talking about and join the conversation.

Using Twitter

Everything you need to know to use Twitter like a pro.
Twitter glossary
How to Tweet

Join the conversation. Let the world know what’s happening in your world with a Tweet of your own.

How to create a thread on Twitter
How to Retweet

Retweeting is taking something someone else has said on Twitter and sharing it with your followers. It’s an easy and effective way to quickly pass along news and other interesting discoveries.

How to reply and mention

You can join conversations on Twitter by replying to others or by including their @usernames in your own Tweets.

How to customize your profile

Make your Twitter page your own by customizing your profile. You can upload unique images for your profile and header pictures, choose a color theme, then add your name, a brief biography, location, birthday, and website, if you desire. Personalize it even more by pinning a Tweet to the top of your profile that other people will see when they visit.


  • Header photo
  • Profile photo
  • Name
  • Bio
  • Location
  • Website
  • Birthday
  • Pin a Tweet

Adding content to your Tweet.

Bring your Tweets to life with some of these features.
How to use hashtags

A hashtag – any word preceded by a # symbol – is used to index keywords or topics on Twitter. Hashtags were invented on Twitter and allow people to easily follow topics they are interested in; just click on the hashtag to bring up any Tweets that contain it.

How to Tweet photos or GIFs

Adding a photo or GIF to your Tweet can make it more visual and more viral, increasing engagement from your followers.

How to Tweet a poll

Find out what your followers are thinking by posting a Twitter Poll. You can easily create a poll and see the results instantly, or weigh in on questions posed by other Twitter members.

How to Tweet a video

Twitter makes it easy to record, upload, and share videos within your Tweets or Direct Messages.

How to Tweet live video

Using Twitter’s Periscope app, you can easily capture live videos to share news and events as they happen.

How to create a Moment

Twitter Moments are curated stories about what’s happening around the world, powered by Tweets. It’s easy to create your own story by collecting related Tweets into a Moment.