Ticketed Spaces

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Twitter Spaces are where live audio conversations happen. And now you can sell tickets to them.

Live audio conversations are happening on Twitter, and as a social media manager, journalist, Creator, or VIT, you’re probably already familiar with Twitter Spaces, right? Well say hello to Ticketed Spaces, a new way for you to earn money on Twitter, allowing you to host exclusive conversations, share bonus content, create personal connections, and monetize your audience.

We want you to get paid for what you love. Like making moments and conversations that matter.

With Ticketed Spaces, you can:

  • Set the number of tickets.
  • Choose a ticket price from $1 to $999.
  • Share free invites with speakers, special guests, and more by DM.



Feed the hype
Ticketed Spaces leave fans wanting more exclusive conversations, bonus content, and personal interaction.

Find your biggest fans

Find your biggest fans
Connect with the people who care about you and your content – and are ready to support you.

Make it personal

Make it personal
Set the size of your event at 5 or more to create closer bonds with your followers.

Spread the word

Spread the word
Remind attendees that your Space is happening with notifications to their phone and shared details in their timelines.

How to start a ticketed Space

Schedule a Space


  1. Start your Space
  2. Enter the event name and tap Schedule for later
  3. Choose the time and date


Schedule ticketed Space
Schedule ticketed Space

Set the quantity and price of tickets.

Tap Done when you’re done.

Promote your event as a Tweet or a link.

Please note: Ticketed Spaces is currently testing in the US and on iOS and Android only. Watch this space for more details once this product is widely available.


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