Recorded Spaces

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Record, Edit, & Share Twitter Spaces

Hosts can record their Space for anyone to listen to and share, to continue the conversation.


Keep the conversation going

Before going live, Hosts can choose to record the entirety of a Space, a scheduled Space, or a Ticketed Space. And anyone can replay a recording of a Space up to 30 days after the original broadcast has ended.

Edit the start time of your recording

Edit the start time of a recording so your listeners tune in right when the conversation starts. We’re also working on additional options for downloading audio and sharing clips of Spaces recordings.

Promote upcoming Spaces events

Share a recording to promote your podcast, live Space, virtual events, or your next scheduled Space.

Share it on your timeline and beyond

Anyone, except accounts you’ve blocked, can share your recording in a Tweet or DM — you can even embed it on your website for more visibility. And now, you can share a link to your Spaces recordings on different platforms.

Perks for listeners
  • If they’re too busy and can’t join a live Space, people can playback your recording and catch up on the conversation anywhere for up to 30 days after recording is made.
  • Everyone can share and distribute links to Spaces recordings to their own networks.

  • Recordings also include the availability of closed captions so people can still follow along with or without audio.

How to record a Space

Before your Space starts

  1. Edit the name and description of your Space
  2. Select up to three Topics related to your Space
  3. Next to Record Space, tap the toggle to record your Space
  4. Tap Start a Space or the calendar icon to schedule your Space for a different date and time

After your Space ends


  1. Use the slider bar to edit the start time of your recording
  2. Share your recording via Tweet, DM, or embed it on your site so your followers and fans can catch up on the conversation
  3. On the Space card of your recording, hosts can view the total number of replays and participant count.


Downloading a recorded Space

Currently, it is not possible to download a Spaces Recording directly to your device as an audio file. However, as a Host, you can retrieve a copy of your Spaces recording within 30 days of the original broadcast date from your Twitter data archive as a .ts file that you can easily convert into an audio file like .mp3 or .wav, or even a video. ​​

To download a Spaces Recording from your Twitter data archive:

  1. From the main menu of the Twitter App or, click or tap Settings and privacy, then tap Your account.
  2. Next, click or tap Download an archive of your data. From that point, it may ask you to re-login to your account from your mobile web browser. 
  3. Under Twitter data, click or tap the Request archive button.
  4. Twitter will notify you once your file download is complete. 
  5. Upon downloading your archive, open the .zip file and navigate to data > spaces_media.


Please note: The ability to record Spaces is available to hosts on iOS & Android, but anyone can listen to a Spaces Recording on web, iOS and Android.

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