Live Brand Studio: Virtual Events

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Twitter Live Brand Studio is a service designed to help brands go live.

On Twitter, brands can be creators. Whether they’re producing their own content or extending their sponsorships, brands are using Twitter to take center stage. Top marketers are choosing to live-stream their biggest events on Twitter. Live Brand Studio is a service designed to help brands go live, maximize their own events, and drive conversation.

Since 2018, we’ve streamed over 150 brand-led live events and have helped marketers like AT&T and Samsung launch something new and connect with culture. Brands are continually looking for smarter ways to develop feed-first content that brings something unique to the Twitter platform. When content connects with Twitter’s influential, receptive audience it can make a product launch land, and even become a part of the cultural zeitgeist.


Premium live event experience bringing content and conversation together.


Dedicated technical support for live events.

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Access to premium publisher tools in Media Studio to complement and enhance the live experience.

Events are a powerful communications tool.

On March 2, 2020, as the business community began to realize the increasing danger of global travel while faced with the coronavirus, Marc Benioff came to Twitter to announce that Salesforce would make a major pivot for its upcoming Sydney World Tour. The company would host it virtually.

Events are a powerful communications tool. Whether designed around one brand, or as a way of bringing multiple brands together, they are effective because they bring people together under one roof. At events, people can exchange ideas, stories, and network freely.

What if everyone cant’ be under the same roof?

But what happens when not everyone can be under the same roof?

You dont need a roof to have an event

The good news is: Today, you don’t need to have everyone under one roof to host an impactful event. 

Producer in Media Studio allows live video content creators to easily create high-quality broadcasts from external sources including streaming software, hardware encoders, and professional cameras.

With Producer, it’s easy to launch professionally produced live broadcasts, promote them, and cut them into highlight clips in near real time.

  • Professional live streams
  • Compatible with external encoding hardware or software
  • Plan and promote live broadcasts in advance with broadcast scheduling
  • Access to live broadcast analytics
  • Create instant highlights from your live streams with Live Cut
Virtual Event

Introducing Virtual Event, from Twitter’s Live Brand Studio. For those who can’t be there in person.

Visit the Producer page to learn about the steps to take to stream your virtual event. To make the most of your virtual event, please reach out to your Twitter rep.