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Q&A allows for direct interaction between VITs and their fans. This feature uses Twitter's Conversational Cards for easier promotion of your session. Tweets from each session are threaded for ease of discoverability and context.

The curator function allows social media managers to handpick questions to allow for seamless experience and to ensure that only the best and most relevant questions are being answered.


1. Hashtags


  1. Make sure your hashtag is unique and easily identifiable by your fans. Do not use obscure phrases that may make it hard to be identified.

  2. Hashtags have a 21-character limit and may only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.

  3. Q&As may have up to four hashtags. Depending on the number of hashtags, your announcement Tweet will render a Conversational Card with the appropriate amount of hashtags you have indicated (up to four).


2. Announcement Tweets


  1. We recommend using the announcement feature to kick off your campaign. Start by recording from the app or uploading media straight from your camera roll or Media Studio Library.

  2. Your Tweet copy should include a clear call-to-action so your fans know that they can ask you anything using the hashtag you created.

  3. If you want to opt out of the announcement Tweet, you can do so by pressing the “Skip Announcement” toggle.


3. Curator


  1. The curator function in the VIT app allows social media managers and alike to select the best questions. You can select multiple accounts to be your curator. These accounts must be public.
  2. A curator will like Tweets separately on Twitter that contain the Q&A hashtag OR host handle, and are relevant to your campaign. As the Curator you do not need access to the VIT app.
Curator Steps

4. Logo Overlays


  1. Start by uploading your logo overlay into the VIT app.

    You must upload two logos: one for the announcement Tweet and one for the reply Tweets. See specifications below.

    From the homescreen, tap your profile icon and choose “Sponsored Q&A overlays.” Browse your library or files and select the desired overlay for announcements and replies.

  2. When setting up your Q&A, your announcement overlay will be applied automatically when you record or upload your media during the Q&A setup. The same will apply for video and image replies.

Logo Overlay Steps

Please note, you must be whitelisted for the logo overlay feature. Please contact your Twitter rep.


5. Specifications

Q&A announcement Tweet:
Resolution: 1280x720

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Q&A replies:
Resolution: 1080x1080

Aspect ratio: 1:1

Logo overlays:
Announcement Tweet: 1280x720 pixels, transparent PNG

Reply: 720x720 pixels, transparent PNG