Twitter VIT

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An invitation only app for VITs.

Whether you're an actor, athlete, musician, journalist or politician, the Twitter VIT (Very Important Tweeter) app gives you a simple way to engage with fans in unique and interactive ways. Take it even further with access to special formats on Twitter, including conversational and website cards. Promote your new album, movie or event all in one app.

Connect directly with your fans through Q&A’s

Generate a buzz about the causes and projects that matter most to you.

Monetize your content directly from the VIT app using the Camera feature

Features & Functionality


The easiest, most creative way to host and manage a Q&A on Twitter. Using a unique hashtag chosen by you, Q&A allows you to answer questions directly from your fans and followers.


Generate buzz around an event, cause, or product you care about. Leveraging the Twitter website card, Hype allows you to record a short message and include a website call to action within your Tweet.


Camera is a robust, fully customizable feature that allows you to get creative with filters, stickers, and drawings on your media.

VIT Camera
 Logo Overlays

Logo Overlays

Create and upload custom image overlays for your Q&A.  This is a great way to include additional branding for your event or product or for advertisers within a sponsorship campaign.


New to the VIT app! People who have been accepted into one of Twitter's monetization programs can monetize their videos using the Camera feature.


The VIT app is available by invite only. Please contact your Twitter rep to receive an invitation to download.