LiveCut is Media Studio's video editing tool that allows you to create video clip highlights from your broadcasts and share them to Twitter in real-time. Designed to require no technical editing expertise, LiveCut's easy-to-use video production tools can help get your content in front of wider audiences faster. Clip from broadcasts live or ended, public or private, or created via Twitter or API.

Table of Contents:
  1.  Create clips
  2.  Share clips

1. Create Clips

How to create clips from a broadcast using LiveCut:

Note: You can also use keyboard shortcuts to create a clip using LiveCut. Click the ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ button at the bottom-left of the LiveCut window to see a list of all shortcuts.


2. Share Clips

How to share clips from a broadcast using LiveCut:

Note: Before you Tweet any clips from your broadcasts, regardless of whether they are set to Public or Private, all created clips will only be viewable within your Media Studio account. Once a clip has been Tweeted, it will be visible on Twitter.