How to create memorable Moments

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Making the most of your Moments

Moments are curated stories about what’s happening around the world, powered by Tweets. They’re an effective way to tell a big story or a smaller, more intimate one. But the best techniques for creating memorable Moments depend on whether you’re breaking news, sharing entertainment gossip, capturing sports highlights, or weaving other forms of narrative.

Moments 101: the basics

How to collect and curate related Tweets on any topic and turn them into a compelling storyline.


Using Moments to share the news

There are multiple types of news Moments, and even more ways to put them together to tell a story. Here’s how to use Moments to create credible and compelling narratives.


Great Moments in entertainment

New movie or music releases, box office numbers, celebrity news, Hollywood feuds, the latest breakout star – all of these elements can make for a great Moment. Here’s how to put them all together.


Winning Moments in sports

Whoever won or lost the game is only part of the story. Great moments in sports – an amazing catch, an unbelievable play, a breathtaking finish – deserve great Moments on Twitter. Here’s how to create them.


Getting creative with Moments

Twitter is a great place to be funny, provocative, or simply creative, and Moments can bring that to a whole new level. A few simple guidelines can help you do it right.