Fleets guide for content creators

Nov 17, 2020

Twitter’s purpose is to serve the public conversation, and until now, conversations could only be sparked with a Tweet. Today, we’re launching Fleets as a new and creative way to start or contribute to the conversation. Fleets only stick around for 24 hours so there’s less pressure to create the perfect post and more opportunity to share casual or momentary content.

Here are a few attributes of Fleets that make them different from Tweets:

  • Ephemeral: disappear from Twitter after 24 hours
  • Sequential: appear in the order they are posted
  • Contained: only private replies via DMs can be accepted
  • Visual: optimal location for full-screen media formats
Fleet attributes

Just like trying to master a new yoga pose, creating a Fleet may feel awkward at first, but it won’t take long to build up your “Fleets muscle.” To help you get started, we compiled a list of creative ways you can incorporate Fleets into your content strategy.

Share a Tweet in a Fleet

Share a Tweet in your Fleets and add your own comments with ease. From any Tweet, tap the Share icon and then select “Share in a Fleet.” When the image is tapped it links back to the original Tweet. Perfect for hot takes, highlighting your favorite fan Tweets, or elevating your own Tweets.

Behind the scenes

Fleets are visual and ephemeral, making them perfect for sharing event-specific content or content that is most relevant in the moment. Examples include athlete or fan celebrations, clips or photos from the making of a TV show or movie, or on-the-ground footage from the sidelines of a breaking news story.

Real-time Fleets

No spoilers. No overwhelming your fans who have notifications turned on for you. No cluttering your followers’ timelines. Fleets offers a separate and contained space for all your real-time commentary throughout a TV premiere, breaking news event, or championship game.

Personal expression

Your followers know you as a musician, athlete, photographer, activist, journalist ... but do they know you’re a dog lover, an artisan in the kitchen, a woodworker, or a modern day Picasso? Let your followers see another, more personal side of you.

Twitter takeover

A Twitter takeover is a great way to drive awareness and engagement with your brand, and Fleets are the perfect place to host these time-bound activations. Invite a guest to host a Q&A from your handle or Fleet about an upcoming event.