Twitter for authors

The #BookTwitter community is vibrant and vast, spanning numerous fiction genres to nonfiction, poetry and essayism. Whether it’s plot discussions or taking part in hashtag holidays like #ReadABookDay, people love talking about what they’re reading. Authors bring a valuable collection of voices to Twitter – if you want to be part of the community, here are some best practices and creative ideas to get you started.

Creative Tips for Authors

Creative tips for authors on Twitter

Best-in-class writers are Tweeting their experiences and using Twitter as a tool to share updates with their followers on a regular basis. Check out these tips and tricks to help you get started.

Lisa Lucas

Who I Follow: Lisa Lucas

How do the best accounts on Twitter use Twitter? In Who I Follow, we explore the habits of our favorite follows each month. This month’s edition is drawn from an interview with Lisa Lucas, executive director of the National Book Foundation.

Tweetdeck for authors

TweetDeck for authors

TweetDeck is beneficial for authors, publishers, and their teams who are looking to oversee conversations around their account, published works, or what’s happening in the industry. Here’s how to set up TweetDeck to suit your needs.

Talking Twitter

Talking Twitter with Adam Maid of Merriam-Webster

A must-read for fellow word nerds – our latest #TalkingTwitter article features an interview with Adam Maid, social media manager for America’s oldest dictionary, Merriam-Webster.

Woman with books and laptop

How to be conversational with readers on Twitter

Twitter can be an exciting and conversation-stoking platform for any author. Here’s how you can create the conversational equivalent of a best seller on Twitter.