Using Moments to share breaking news

The range of news Moments

Great news Moments can be any number of things – a series of Tweets from reporters on the scene of a breaking story, deep background that fills readers in on the context of a big event, reactions from the community or the world, and so on. But all have key things in common.


The best Tweets included in news Moments:

  • Are from credible sources, including verified accounts, other media reports, and on-the-scene Tweets
  • May contain short videos that summarize the main points or provide more context than a single Tweet can cover
  • Consist of content that’s been uploaded directly to Twitter, including threads from experts or journalists
  • Respect people's safety (for example, they don’t identify the positions of law enforcement during a developing situation) 
  • Avoid speculation, conspiracy theories, hate speech, or personal attacks


A good news Moment:

  • Is updated quickly and frequently while it is developing
  • Shares compelling conversations on Twitter that highlight a unique perspective on the story
  • Builds a narrative around Tweets from the source and/or scene, ensuring people are informed and providing diverse and compelling opinions
  • Keeps the ideals of informing people at the forefront


Good news Moments titles, descriptions, and covers:

  • Are accurate and reflect the tone and content of the Moment
  • Thoroughly explain the situation, including the who, what, where, why, and how
  • Provide sources for the information provided, especially concerning injuries, damages, or allegations of wrongdoing
  • Acknowledge when an external organization, reporter, or individual has exclusive access

There are several genres of Moments news organizations can employ. They include:

Breaking news, which offer continually refreshed updates on how a story is unfolding.

Breakouts that take a minor or overlooked part of the narrative and expand upon it.

Explainers, which help unpack complex ideas, go in-depth with subject matter experts, or share personal experiences with the story.

Moments that highlight shared and often emotional experiences among the people impacted by a story.

Exclusives, which provide access to scoops or perspectives no other news organization has.

Personal narratives, which are often threads that add one person’s insight or context to a familiar story or experience.

Roundups that summarize a widely reported event or story in an easily digestible way.

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