Shake things up on the red carpet during award season

Stars are turning to Twitter to share the thrill of award season with their fans.

Bring your fans along while you share the excitement of award season. Whether you’re Tweeting from the venue or from the comfort of your couch, we invite you to share your unique perspective with the world.

Use the official hashtag.

Make sure to use the official hashtag of the awards show so you can join in on what other people are saying about it on Twitter.

Reply to your friends attending the event.

Share your pre- and post-show banter with friends and colleagues.

Use a poll to let your fans help you make decisions.

Which outfit should you wear? Whom should you take a selfie with? Should you shave your head? Involve your fans in your pre-show decision process.

Retweet fan or peer support.

A Retweet shows fans that you’ve noticed and appreciated their comments, increasing their engagement even more.


Bring your fans behind the scenes with photos.

Share wardrobe sneak peeks and fittings. It’s also nice to share who is doing your hair and makeup. A shout-out can help introduce new followers to them!

Share your point of view from the hair and makeup chair.

Tweet a pic while you’re sitting during prep time, or post before and after photos.

Share a video of your big arrival.

Take your fans with you in the limo and on your first steps onto the red carpet.

Go live.

Share the experience live with your fans. Broadcast a recap at the end of the night or quickly say hello between award presentations.

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