How to Live-Tweet an Episode of TV

Share your reactions to the episode while it’s airing.

Join in the real-time conversation around your projects by Tweeting along with the broadcast, sharing your personal commentary as the show unfolds.

Share when your show is airing.

Include the date and time to give your followers more information and encourage them to tune in.

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Announce ahead of time that you will be live-Tweeting.

Tweet to let your fans know that you’ll be active while the show is on, and encourage them to follow along with you.

Use the correct hashtags.

While posting commentary, use the appropriate hashtags for the show so other fans can discover your Tweets. Most production teams share this with the cast. The hashtag is also usually featured within the show itself.

Engage with other cast members.

Reply to, and engage with fellow cast members to share what you’re feeling with them and your followers.

React to surprising or emotional points in the story.

Share your thoughts and feelings during major plot twists.


Use a Retweet with comment to respond to your fans.

Reply to questions or fan comments that catch your eye. Show your fans you’re listening by Retweeting and/or liking great fan Tweets around your show.

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