Getting creative with Moments

Having fun with Moments

Good fodder for fun or creative Moments can include:

  • “Only on Twitter” trending content, such as an amusing exchange between strangers, or a provocative photo or video
  • Good-natured human interest stories
  • Memes
  • Shared experiences and personal narratives that unite people
  • Questions or ideas that spark conversation


The best Tweets included in creative Moments:

  • Drive conversation and engagement
  • Come from the Moment’s creator
  • Are not mean-spirited or humiliating
  • Include short, native videos


A good creative Moment:

  • Sparks original and/or thoughtful responses 
  • Evokes the human experience or an emotional reaction
  • Spotlights the best “only on Twitter” content and the funniest, most creative uses of the platform


Good fun Moments titles, descriptions, and covers:


  • Are descriptive, approachable, and conversational
  • Feature GIFs for text-based Moments
  • Avoid cliches when possible (such as overused titles like “The feeling when…”, etc.)

Some great examples of creative Moments can be found here:

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