Essentials Sports: The impact of tweeting with photos, videos, hashtags and links

Each Tweet represents an opportunity to show your voice and strengthen the relationship with fans. To help give insight into what resonates most with followers in specific verticals, we analyzed the content of millions of Tweets sent by verified users in the U.S., looking at the numbers of Retweets that included specific hard features mentioned below.

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  • Photos
  • #hashtags
  • Links
  • Videos
  • Tweets containing a number

These are the results for sports, including athletes, teams and leagues.

Verified sports users most-retweeted Tweets again contain photos, which have nearly 50% more Retweets than they would expect to get anyway. Let’s say @athlete normally gets an average of 100 Retweets per post. A photo would see them getting an average of 148 per Tweet.

That is followed by Tweets using hashtags, and those containing numbers. Tweets comparing videos and quotes are just behind.

I work in sports. What does that mean for me?

When you’re trying to foster the relationship with your fans, you should keep in mind the types of Tweets that most resonate with them. While you should always think of your Twitter presence holistically, you can use this research to inform your strategy.

For example, think about how you can use images to give fans a great experience. As our research in live-tweeting during baseball games shows, sharing images can be highly effective for sports teams — especially behind-the-scenes photos like this one by the @Mariners. Twitter can take sports fans to places they would never go otherwise and photos are one of the most-effective ways to do that.

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Find out more about this research