Essentials News: The impact of tweeting with photos, videos, hashtags and links

Every Tweet represents an opportunity to demonstrate your voice and strengthen the relationship with your audience. We analyzed the content of millions of Tweets from verified users in the United States to understand what resonates best with followers interested in news. Specifically we looked at these elements:

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  • Photos
  • #hashtags
  • Links
  • Videos
  • Tweets containing a number

These are the results for news, including journalists, editors and news organizations.

Photos the biggest lift in tweets, with quotes coming in a close second. Put another way, if @journalist normally gets an average of 100 retweets per post. A photo could drive that average to 127 per Tweet.

Tweets containing numbers, a video url and hashtags also lead to double-digit boost.

I work in news. What does that mean for me?

When trying to foster the relationship with your audience, you should keep in mind the types of Tweets that resonates most.

For example: A photo can be used to display the latest work by a newspaper photographer in a fast moving news story — and you can see some examples here.

Alternatively, you can ask your followers to share their images, as MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) did here, in her reporting on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech (which also includes a hashtag for the channel’s Advancing the Dream section.

For the same news story, this Vine was commissioned and published by @CNN and combines both numbers and video in a single #datavine.

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Find out more about this research